Tablet PCs have quickly become one of the most adopted technologies for businesses replacing laptops, and as both iOS and Android offer tons of productivity apps for broader usage, users will be at an advantage nowadays. With new generation devices such as Android tablets, Kindle Fire, iPad tablets, and tablets featuring Windows OS – investing in a tablet lot on rentals have never been so varied for businesses. Below is a guide to help you choose the right tablet for your needs, either you buy tablets in bulk or go for tablet rentals, so that you can fulfill broader purposes.

Apple iOS

Every Apple iPad that wholesale distributers offer on tablet lot of say, 5 to 6 pieces, tend to have the latest iOS version. It was the iOS 7, which rolled out the Control Center allowing users to quickly customize settings of the iPad, and that paved way for better accessibility of the features such as Do Not Disturb, Airplane Mode, and so on in iPads. The Control Center in iOS 11 has Apple TV remote as well, which is just a tap away on the iPad.

Google Android OS

Stock Android is certainly the main competitor of iOS, and it is said that iPad USP lies on the design of Apple than the OS features. The Android tablets running on stock Android have interfacing which is just as good as Apple iPad or may be even better depending on the brand you plan to buy or rent. Most of the tablet rentals have refurbished tablets of Samsung or Google Nexus, and fortunately, both of those models support the latest Android Nougat OS.

Kindle Fire OS

Most people take it for granted that Amazon Kindle Fire is just an e-reader, but in fact, the tablet featuring a tweaked version of Android has more to offer. Some Kindle Fire models have a 7-inch High-Definition screen, dual camera, 4G compatibility, and are often termed easy-to-use devices. The Amazon app store offer users thousands of apps just like in iOS and Android for the Kindle Fire but they are exclusive for the Fire OS. Apps like WhisperSync can be used to stream films to another screen from the Kindle Fire and that will be ideal for education segment.

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