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If you are researching what is the cheapest android tablet, then do not worry about it anymore. You must know that android is offering tablets at all price ranges so that the buyers can afford to buy them according to the budget that they have in mind. Therefore, you don’t need to worry much about it because you will find android tablets at a low price range, with at least 10-inches display.

In this article, we are going to share with you the options that are the most popular right now, and especially for you who are interested in spending no more than 200 dollars right now. So, stay with us until the end of the article, explore all these top options of cheap android tablets, and then finally make a choice for the one that is best suitable to your gaming interests, as well as the price range that you can afford to pay for them.

1.  Amazon Fire HD 8

This is one of the best gaming tablet options that you will find in the price range that will cost you less than 200 dollars. It is very well known for its high speed, a full store of games installed in it by default and also the display is extraordinary. This should be one of the tablets on your mind  when your figuring out what is the cheapest android tablet. Go for it without having a single doubt in your mind.

what is the cheapest android tablet

2.  Lenovo Tab 4

If you do not like the above-given option, you should look for this one as it is also an answer to  your curiosity about what is the cheapest android tablet. It will come no more than 200 dollars, and the biggest feature that it provides you with is its extraordinary high speed. Also, it has a lot of space that you can use to install PUBG and Fortnite games.

3.  Samsung Galaxy Tab A

This gaming tablet is not only cheap but has additional features that normally gaming tablets don’t ever offer. It has 64 and 256GB versions and 10.5 inches of display. The pixels are also more than its older version, so you will enjoy it even more when you play it.

4.  Huawei MediaPad M5

It is a medium sized gaming tablet as it has a display that is only 8 inches. Moreover, the storage is also normal, that is, 64 GB. But yes, it is something that will amaze you with its price. It will be the answer to your question of what is the cheapest android tablet.


The options that are mentioned above are extremely good for you to keep in mind while you are shopping for your gaming tablet. Your mind will be surrounded by the thoughts of what is the cheapest Android tablet, but you have to manage your options and make a rationalized decision. You will find many scammers who will try to sell you wrong devices by exaggerating the features that they have. Make sure that you opt only for the known big brands because they have credibility and you can file a claim to return the tablet if anything should go wrong with the tablet.

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