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Nowadays, traveling becomes easier and more comfortable with smartphones and  tabletsYou can install special apps for navigation, weather updates and other travel needs. Smartphones are the best travel agents of this era. You can travel with some handy tools to save money and time. After downloading 4 Google apps for your smartphone, it will be easy for you to stay informed about the country, city or area. See these essential apps for your phone.

Google Maps

You can easily get lost while traveling in an overseas location. To track your home or hotel, you must download Google Maps in your deviceIt will help you to avoid the terrifying situation of getting lost. With the best mapping system of Google, there is no need to worry about your location. With GPS locator, travel routes and street view, you can easily manage your journey. Everything will be a finger touch away from you.

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Google Hangout

Google Hangout is a reliable messaging system. It is available with numerous great features. You can get the advantage of video chat features. This app is free and convenient for everyone. Make sure to have a Google account to use this service. Google Hangout is ideal for people who feel homesick and want to see the face of their loved ones.

Google Now

Google has developed this new app to work in conjunction with search services. It will help you to go to the extra mile. With this service, you can locate your location in the world. 

It allows you to get updated traffic information, news and weather. Feel free to set it up for your location to obtain the latest sports stories and news. You will not miss anything after installing Google Now.

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Google Voice

You can’t travel without Google Voice even with Google Hangouts. With Google Voice, you can use your personal number. Voice number of Google allows you to forward the current number of your phone. It enables you to receive calls and texts. If your phone is lost or stolen, Google Voice allows you to access voicemails and texts from a computer. Travelers can avoid numerous issues during their journey with this app.


You can download this app in your tablet to find out details of rental cars, hotels and flights. This app allows you to search for the best options and affordable travel plans. It is possible to see the cheapest dates for your journey and get alerts for prices to change. 

With this app, you can get the advantage of top deals. It will help you to monitor your booking and status updates on trips. You will be able to see the best deals for your new travel destination. Make sure to search more travel buddies from the Google Play Store. 

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