Electronic gadgets such as tablets and smartphones have become widely popular over the last few years. These incredible devices offer plenty of exciting and useful things to our children. Your kids might be already using your tablet to play educational games, to watch kids shows, and for a lot more. However, you must take some precautionary steps before handing over the tablet to your kids.

Setting up a few preventive steps will ensure that your kids will not accidentally wipe out any of your important personal files or cause any other damage to your device. Below are a few simple tips to help you make your iPad childproof.

Put a Lock on the Device

We highly recommend you to set up a passcode on your iPad before handing over the device to your kids. Setting up a passcode on your device will ensure that you are the only one capable of turning on the device once it is locked. This means that your kids will not be able to use the device without your permission.

Turn on Restrictions

Make sure to turn on the restrictions right after setting a passcode on your tablet. Turning on the feature will allow you to decide what are the apps allowed on your tablet. You will have to choose a four-digit passcode to enable the restrictions on your iPad. You can either use the same passcode used to unlock the device, or settle for a fresh one.

Turn off In-App Purchases

Some parents forget to turn off the in-app purchases and it may cost you a lot of your money. Some of the games that are labeled as free in your iTunes store come with a number of in-app purchases. These purchases can often lead up to a higher price and it will certainly drain your wallet. So, make sure to turn off the in-app purchases before handing over the iPad to your kids.

Buy a Robust Case

Your kids may accidentally drop your tablet while playing with it. So, make sure to buy a robust case for your iPad before handing over the device to your kids. You should also buy an accurate screen guard for your device. These protective measures will significantly minimize the damage to your tablet, if it gets accidentally dropped.