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If you want to make your 10 inch tablet efficient, you must not ignore the importance of Google Chrome extensions. Remember, Chrome extensions can give you extra power and flexibility. You can use them to encrypt your data or manage advertisements. Fortunately, numerous extensions are available for your convenience. See these options:

1. BuiltWith

It will help you find out the built date of a website. Web developers can use this extension to collect relevant information about a website. You can find out technologies used to create a website. You can open your android tablet from extension bars and see over the web pages. 

You can find out data about the traffic on this site. Moreover, it will give you details of connected sites and other information. This extension will not work on intranets. If a website is not sharing any information, this extension will not help you.

10 inch tablet

2. 1Password

Your tablet or laptop is incomplete without this extension. For password management, 1Password is an essential extension for Mac and Windows. It is an easy way to memorize numerous passwords. With this app, it is possible to generate secure passwords for each site. 

With this extension, you can log in, enter details of credit card and fill out a registration form with a few clicks. Make sure to install this extension on your Chrome.

3. OneTab

If you are accustomed to work in multiple chrome tabs, you will need this extension. Chrome treats every open tab as a little program. It can slow down your browsing to almost crawling. For this reason, OneTab can be a helpful extension for your tab. 

This extension can turn your open tabs into a list on the web page. It will be easy for you to open tabs as a new tab by clicking on it. In this way, your each browsing session will be easy. You can share bookmarks with others, drop links and manage other things.

10 inch tablet


You will need this common extension for chrome to get sports and news, comics and inspirational quotes. With this extension, you can turn your browser into a personal dashboard. Users can use numerous helpful tools. Feel free to have some favicons and links.

This extension requires you to choose a URL of site or tool to add and tap the + symbol at the top of the list. Fill in other fields, and you can add tools in the list. After adding URLs, some websites automatically populate other fields. 

5. Ghostery

It is an ad-blocking, anti-tracking software that can block tracking attempts. For faster browsing experience, you will need this extension. With this extension, there is no need to worry about ads. 

Ghostery can work in extension bards and modify requests of ads, trackers and other things. You can install this extension for free in a best 10 inch tablet. It is an excellent way to save time and resources of your computer.  

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