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Tablets are handy for travelers, students, and professionals. For this reason, people prefer to buy cheap android tablets online. To increase your convenience, these devices are available with numerous accessories, such as a keyboard. A keyboard with a tablet becomes an easy solution to answer emails or complete a presentation.        

Numerous tablets are available in the market; therefore, it should be easy for you to pick one. Here are the five best tablet keyboards 2019.


  • Apple Smart Keyboard Folio


Feel free to use it as a stand and cover for the 9.7-inch, 11-inch, and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The keyboard can’t be detached entirely from its whole setup. Fortunately, you can adjust viewing angles. It offers two different angles for iPads. Remember, it is not suitable for other cheap android tablets online. 

The keyboard is made from silicon; therefore, it is easy to clean. Silicon makes this keyboard resistant to dust and spills. Its hardshell case makes it a lightweight keyboard. Initially, you may find it difficult to type with this keyboard because of the lack of space between keys. Remember, Folio can be the best keyboard for Apple android tablets online


  • Brydge Tablet Keyboard 9.7


You can use this for iPad Air and iPad Pro 9.7-inch. Unlike a smart keyboard, it has a hinge to offer a 180-degree viewing angle. With this viewing angle, users can get the advantage of maximum flexibility. With its aluminum design, this keyboard is durable. For cheap android tablets online, you will need a different version of a keyboard.

This keyboard is perfect to protect your screen. The distance of key travel is similar to a laptop. With this keyboard, you can get 3.0 Bluetooth connection and special keys for media control and search. The backlit keys offer three levels of brightness. 


  • Type Cover Microsoft Surface Pro 4


You may find this keyboard compatible with the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 tablets from Microsoft. Its viewing angles are fixed, but comfortable to work with. The detachable type cover uses hard shell design. You can use it after attaching it to your tablet. This keyboard uses a docking interface for connection. Try this with your cheap android tablets online.

You can get sufficient travel space between keys. The keyboard cover is excellent with dual button glass trackpad and fingerprint scanner. Remember, surface pro tablets are useless without these features.


  • Samsung Logitech Keyboard Ultrathin Folio


You can use it with Samsung Galaxy S310 tablet. With its magnetic system, it can be attached to the tablet. Remember, you can’t move it for adjustments of viewing angles. The Folio is impossible to detach from its entire case. 

Remember, key spacing can enhance your typing experience. It works similar to a laptop because of its durable design. Folio case can protect your slate. With Bluetooth, data transfer will be easy and fast. Feel free to charge its battery with a USB port.  


  • Google Pixel C Keyboard


As its name shows, this keyboard is suitable for Google Pixel C slate. With its fixed viewing angle, it can be the right choice even for cheap android tablets online. The viewing angles may vary between 100 degrees and 135 degrees. This aluminum cover can protect your screen.

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