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Most of you embark upon the quest to find the cheap windows 10 tablet. Well, the effort is worth it because the tablets offer a variety of useful features, and one such feature is facial recognition.

Now, there are a variety of tablets in the market, let us look at the best tablet that offers the facial recognition feature.

Tablets that offer facial recognition

1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5

You can setup up Facial Recognition in Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.5. The facial recognition feature gets used to unlock the device. When setting up facial recognition for this tablet, you will need to select the lock screen option.

Next, you will get to see an option on the screen that will ask you whether you are wearing glasses or not. You will need to place your tablet 8 to 20 inches away, and you will have to position your face within the circled displayed that appears on the screen.

You will get to see the face recognition menu that will facilitate you to turn this feature on or off. The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 is that you can look forward to faster recognition.

The facial recognition is one such feature which makes these devices an enticing choice.

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2 Apple iPad

You can set up Face Recognition on Apple iPad also. However, when you are setting up the Face Recognition, you must ensure that nothing should cover the TrueDepth Camera. Your tablet should be at arm’s length so that it becomes easy to capture your face.

You will need to visit the Settings section of your iPad and enter the passcode. Next, you will need to set up the Face ID. Make sure that you position your face inside the frame, and you have to move your head gently to complete the circle. 

3  Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface is yet another tablet that offers the facial recognition feature. The best part is that it tends to recognize the face in a matter of seconds. The reason is that Microsoft Surface has a front-facing infrared camera that tends to recognize your face.

As a result, you can sign into Windows 10 without the need to touch the screen.

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4  iPad Mini 5

When you are looking for the top tablet, then iPad Mini 5 can also turn out to be the best choice. The tablet is undoubtedly the best choice for iOS gaming. It has the exclusive facial recognition feature also, so you are unable to unlock your tablet without touching anything.

 5 Apple iPad Pro 11

The Apple iPad Pro 11 also makes use of facial recognition technology. 

There is no denying the fact that facial recognition has made it easy for users to unlock their tablet, so make use of this feature right away.

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