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The Android 4.4” KitKat tablet will be affordable for any tech junkie and can support some best apps. Nowadays, it is possible to increase the utitity of a device with some simple apps. These allow you to manage different tasks, like designing, editing, and creating new files. Here are some mobile apps the tech pros have installed on their tablets.

  • AndFTP

If you want to connect to FTP servers, get the advantage of AndFTP. It offers three key features, a file browser, FTP services, and management. With this app, you can set up server credentials and manage multiple servers. You will need the login information, password, username, and hostname. You can even see advanced connection options, such as SSH Key. Installing this app will give you different options for remote and local startup folders. AndFTP allows IT pros to rename, delete, download and browse files, create folders, and change permissions for a file. It will help you add the functionality of Dropbox to your tablet.

Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet price

  • AndroidVNC

A desktop-sharing software designed to run systems and connect to LAN. This app can increase the ability of Android tablets to make it similar to a computer. It allows you to control and see a desktop on your computer remotely. With this app, you can connect to VNC servers, such as Apple Remote Desktop, x11vnc, Real VNC, and TightVNC. 

AndroidVNC can shrink down your desktop to fit on the screen of your tablet. It is a useful and neat app to take on the go, and with The Android 4.4” KitKat Tablet price point makes it a necessary app for your work.

  • Astro File Manager

With this free tool, it will be easy for you to deal with the clutter of all the apps and files on your tablet. You can get a view of 3rd party apps and content in a root system folder. A toolbar allows you to navigate through a directory of buttons. You can edit entries, bookmark folders, and search for desired files.

IT pros can use this manager to control and track files in a shared folder or network system. Set up a location through a server message block (SMB) and view details and permissions of any file. It is easy to copy, delete, and rename files using Astro File Manager. 

  • ConnectBot

With this app, you can use SSH (Secure Shell) network protocol. It allows you to establish a secure connection between networked devices. IT workers can use this app to shell in different firewalls and servers. You can also securely transfer files from a tablet to another seamlessly.

  • Fing

Fing is a cross-platform tool to create a network. It allows you to get a clear picture of services and devices running on a network. It includes ping tools to test the readability of hosts in IP networks. Don’t worry about adding on to the Android 4.4” KitKat tablet price because Fling is free for youtablet.

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