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Control your house gadgets with Android Kitkat tablet. With it’s sophisticated hardware, you can control your house’s gadgets. The IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence and other features make your life easy. Here are five ordinary house gadgets you can control with Android devices.

.1 Roybens Smart LED Bluetooth Light Bulb

Use the power of a mobile device to light in your house. It is possible to control the LED Light Bulb Roybens. This device is available with Bluetooth to customize its colors and other options. The android 4.4 kitkat tablet price can be an affordable choice.

With your new device, you can customize your lighting color, and schedule your device to turn on/off. Remember, your mobile will help you to control the lights. Feel free to change the lighting to match the music. It will be easy for you to turn your home into a beautiful disco.Android Kitkat tablet

2. Control Music

Sensos speakers are designed to control with your phone. Your tablet or smartphone can control multiple speakers. It is possible to play music from the library. Sensos app permits you to access music streaming sites. The android 4.4 kitkat tablet is very affordable. 

These speakers can improve the quality of the sound. Feel free to hook up different speakers. It is possible to play music through your house with a great system. Your tablet is enough to control this speaker.

3. Video Doorbell Wi-Fi Enabled

With this doorbell, you can’t miss any critical visitor. The high-definition Wi-Fi enabled video permits you to talk to visitors from your door. The Android and iOS ring app come with motion sensors and HD camera. It will help you to get the advantage of night vision records. 

 You can approach a visitor from 30 feet of your device. Automatically upload video footage to the cloud and keep an eye on the front door of your house. The doorbell video is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and connects it to the current doorbell wiring.

Android Kitkat tablet

4. Wi-Fi Enabled Coffee Smart WeMo Optimal 10-cup Brew Coffeemaker

It is a coffee-serving robot for coffee addicts. With the free WeMo app, it will be easy for you to schedule brewing times and adjust the strength of coffee. Get reminders for each pot of coffee. The user-friendly app is available on iOS and Android-powered devices. The 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi services can help you to control this coffee maker.

5. Thermostat Nest Learning (Third Generation)

With android 4.4 kitkat tabletthere is no need to worry about your budget. This device can be connected to your thermostat. Feel free to schedule temperature on the thermostat saves money on energy bills. With this app, you can control the energy usage of your house. It will be an excellent choice for you to manage your energy bills and nest your smartphone, computer and tablet. Users can schedule their life and get the advantage of preferred settings.

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