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Tablets have become a versatile tool to entertain and educate children. Fortunately, cheap tablets come with numerous unique features to use in the classroom. Various functions are free for teachers and students. Here are seven ways to use cheap tablets in the classroom.

  • 360-degree Videos

With tablets you can get the benefit of using virtual reality. 360-degree videos allow you to view an atmosphere in all different directions. You will need VR headsets for this content. Children can tilt this video to see it at different angles. It is an interactive method of exploring underwater shipwrecks or many other environments you wouldn’t be able to explore otherwise. This feature is excellent for educational content.

  • Photo Taking Creativity

IOS and Android camera apps are very good to use. You can use them to record the results of an art show or a scientific experiment. Several additional apps will allow you to put photographs together. Moreover, you can add some educational stickers on top. With cheap tabletsit will be easy for you to prepare unique educational material for children. Cheap Tablets

  • Angry Birds and Math

Angry Birds is a successful mobile game. Nowadays, you can use its sequels for educational purposes. If you want to teach mathematics to children, it may be a great teaching tool. For instance, different colored birds are available at each level with a score. It will help you to test if kids can identify the lowest and highest possible scores.  

  • Explore the World

With cheap tablets, you can easily explore the world. Map apps are available for geography classes. Google Earth allows children to understand the landmarks and contours of the planet. Moreover, you can teach children via pictures. 

  • Night Sky

Tablets can be a fantastic tool to teach the pattern of cosmos to children. Numerous apps are available to show the constellations in the class. SkyView is available for iOS and Android devices for free. Moreover, you can check the free version of different apps to see the night stars. The latest tablets allow children to see the beautiful night sky on their devices.

  • Use a Webcam in Class

With the help of a private webcam in cheap tablets, you can keep an eye on your class. Moreover, you can keep an eye on practical work with a webcam. It helps you to keep an eye on wildlife, vegetable garden, or other activities. In short, you can use a webcam in different ways to increase your productivity.

  • Instantly Translate Foreign Phrases and Words

In cheap tablets, you can download a dictionary to enhance your learning experience. Moreover, it will be easy for you to access Google Translate and instantly translate foreign phrases and words. For your convenience, a special camera mode is available to convert texts into language. Text and audio translations can make your life much easier.   

Remember, the latest technology in classrooms prove helpful for both students and teachers.

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