One of the distinguishing aspects of iPad tablets is the presence of numerous accessibility features. This feature is available not only for the iPad but for other devices in Apple’s lineup such as iPhone. Accessibility features enable any kind of user to have better access all the options available in the device. This is particularly helpful for the visually and hearing impaired individuals in using the iPad tablets.

Moreover, this feature is accessible by triple clicking the home button or through swipe gestures. For managing the accessibility features on iPad tablets, go to the Settings > General > Accessibility. The various options available in the accessibility feature are described below.


  • VoiceOver: Intended for the visually impaired, the VoiceOver feature enables the user to get information vocally regarding where he/she is tapping on the screen. By changing the gestures, it is possible to activate this feature such as through a single tap that will speak out the selection. Double tapping is then used to select and open the app.
  • Speak Selection: The Speak Select feature reads out the text that is highlighted in the iPad. Moreover, this feature also highlights the words that are being read.
  • Zoom: The Zoom option allows the user to selectively zoom the contents displayed on the screen for easy reading. For activating this, triple click on the home button of the iPad.


  • Heating Aid Support – iPad tablets allow any user suffering from auditory impairment to connect their hearing aid using Bluetooth through the hearing aid support option. In the case of hearing aids that have MFI (Made-for-iPhone/iPad) feature, the live listen mode can be toggled on for using the iPad mic to listen to the surrounding sounds. Moreover, in the Hearing category in Accessibility, users can also configure the Mono Audio


  • Guided Access: This is one of the most useful Accessibility features in iPad tablets. Guided access allows one to create restrictions on the device relating to accessing specific apps and locations. It also includes configuring the hardware buttons. This feature is especially useful while giving iPad for usage by children.


  • Assistive Touch: The Assistive feature is another useful option in iPad tablets for users who have difficulties in interacting with the device. It allows one to setup the device to receive simple gesture based inputs. With this gesture, a user can control the volume, take screenshots, choose the home button and configure the Control and Notification Center.