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Viruses can attack any deviceandroid smartphone and all other devices. If your phone is not protected, you can lose your valuable data. You may get malware and viruses with a new app. Sometimes, shady, unsolicited and scammy texts can create numerous issues. 

Remember, malware is rare, but inconspicuous. To detect viruses, keep an eye on the suspicious behavior of your phone. If you notice a sudden decrease in the life of battery or increase in data usage, you have to evaluate your phone. These things may indicate that your smartphone or tablet is polluted with a virus. Here are some tricks for your assistance.

Antivirus Apps

You will need an antivirus app. It will help you to avoid the hassle of manually locating and removing malware on a device. Remember, cybercriminals can exploit your precious data.

If you notice pop-up messages claiming the presence of a virus on your phone, you will get a link to remove the virus. Say away from this bait because cybercriminals can use this trick to take your valuable data. The Google Play Store has anti-malware or antivirus apps. Comodo Antivirus can be an excellent choice to get protection from malware.

Download and install an antivirus and run a deep scan. It will help you to check threats on android devices. A good antivirus program allows you to wipe and lock remote devices, backup data, restrict unauthorized calls and system health check. 

Safe Mode to Remove Antivirus

To remove virus and malware from your device, you can activate it in a safe mode. Safe mode will help you to uninstall pesky software running in the background of your device. It will stop your device from loading third-party apps. In this mode, you will have limited access to programs and tools of your phone.

On several devices, you can enter your device in Safe Mode by pressing your power button for a few settings to see the power off option. It is time to press and hold down your power off button form 2 to 3 seconds to understand what your device is asking. Give the necessary confirmations to enter Safe Mode. Tap “Ok” so that your phone can rest.

Check settings from an app drawer and tap on the icon look similar to a gear.

On the downloaded tab, you will be able to see an app.

Pick suspicious apps and uninstall them. 

Some applications mandate an administrator to carry out uninstallation from a device. You can put these apps in the right location. Click on the “Device Administrators” status.

Uncheck virus/app and deactivate suspicious apps. A few apps need particular types of accesses. For this reason, check out permissions of an app. Make sure to download an app from a trusted source. Avoid giving unnecessary permissions to an app. After deactivating suspicious programs, restart your device.

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