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These devices are available at an affordable price. If you need the best Chromebook for students, you have to compare features, speed and memory of different models. See the best Chromebooks for students.

1. ASUS Flip C214 Chromebook

If you need a durable Chromebook, you can purchase Asus flip C214. It can be an ideal choice with its water-resistant and ruggedized design. You will get a spill-resistant keyboard. For this reason, students can use it for different tasks.

A student may not afford to change laptops frequently. You will get this slate with a safety grip of rubber. A 3D-textured finish comes with anti-scratch features. This tablet is durable and tough to deliver fast performance.

best Chromebooks for students

2. Dell Chromebook 2-in-1 Education 3100

This Chromebook is specially designed for students. With its sustainable design, this Chromebook can be a perfect choice for students. If you are an accident-prone type person, you will extremely like its durability. Students can depend on this notebook for their homework, assignments, projects and different other tasks.

Dell Chromebook can meet the specs of MIL-STD specs. With a 30-inch drop on a steep interface and 5000 micro drops, this Chromebook can survive for a longer duration. If you want to drink coffee, get the advantage of its spill-resistant technology.

3. Chromebook Plus Samsung V2

In terms of performance, Chromebook Samsung V2 Plus can be a suitable choice. It features modern, sleek and gorgeous-looking design. Samsung Chromebook is special for its excellent performance and rich features.

Students can get advantage of this Chromebook. This device is super portable and lightweight. Use its pen to write notes, sketching, doodling and scribbling ideas. You will find this Chromebook perfect for the office and school use. It has a world-facing revolutionary 13MP camera. 

4. Lenovo Chromebook 300e

It is one of the best Chromebooks in the market with unique features. You will get updates for your homework and assignments. With its new education lineup, you can get the advantage of a spill-resistant keyboard and drop-resistant qualities. Port configuration and availability is similar to C330. 

This Chromebook is bright enough to use in low light. Feel free to manage your typing tasks and other activities.

5. Samsung Chromebook 3

Do you have a limited budget for your Chromebook? You can purchase this cheapest chromebook. It excels in terms of performance and reliability. Frequent travelers and students will like the features and price of this device.

The crisp and bright screen is the main highlight of this machine. You will find it durable and spill-resistant. It is the best device within your budget.

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