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When it comes to searching for 7 inch android tablets for sale, there are fewer options than a few years ago when  Google’s platform was coming up just about everywhere.

The tablet pc market has slowed down considerably since then and those who continue to produce Android mobile phone tablets have reduced the regularity of releases. However, this means quality has improved as new tools and features are no longer getting rushed out.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is amongst the best 7 inch android tablets for sale at this time. It’s not really cheap although its cost has decreased greatly since its launch. Nevertheless, it comes loaded with a whole host of functions to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

In contrast to Apple’s iPad Pro tablet line, the Galaxy Tab S4 has Samsung’s S Pencil stylus included in the box. For those looking for some specs, you get the influential Snapdragon 835 ensuring Android OS runs awesome and easily on screen.

That’s only half of the story! Pair the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with a keyboard and computer mouse, and it’ll transfer from Android into a desktop-like experience as it’s a good replacement to your laptop in addition to your tablet.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

In relation to 7 inch android tablets for sale, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 may have been replaced by the Galaxy Tab S4, but it’s still a top-notch tablet and another that is more affordable.

This tablet may be the second best Android tablet in the world as a result of a powerful CPU and an exceptional display that’s prepped to tell you HDR articles.

There’s an S-Pen stylus included in the package. You also have the choice of buying a keyboard, but that will come at and additional cost.7 inch android tablets for sale

  • Asus ZenPad 3S 10

There’s respectable power inside this tablet as well as an extremely bright display to check out on.

The battery life and build are good quality, but aren’t the most effective on the market. However, considering the discounted price point in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab S3 we mentioned earlier, we’d recommend picking this up if you’re looking for something with a lower price.

  • Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4

The Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4 is one of the finest 7 inch android tablets for sale and a solid Android Tablet. The blend of its small size and metal casing makes it an actual alternative to the latest iPad Mini.

This tablet isn’t just about good looks; The MediaPad M5 8.4 also offers impressive stereo system speakers and is coupled with a sharp 1600 x 2560 screen that ensures it is the mass media machine that it’s claimed to be.

It isn’t that great for gaming and there’s no 3.5mm headphone slot. You will probably be relying on the internal loudspeakers a lot. However, if you want a portable tablet that’s great for movies and music, then a Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4 can be a top choice.

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