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Google assistant is always available for you in android devices. This built-in assistant on the phone can power smart speakers. It works similar to Google Home. Fortunately, it is possible to install it on your iPads and iPhones. Google has added a new feature, such as the ability to send reminders to family, colleagues and other people.

With this cool feature, you can manage different activities. For instance, send reminders for an event or nudge your children to clean their rooms. Moreover, you can use Google assistant to remind your partner to pick up groceries. To get these benefits, you have to make essential adjustments. After setting up, your device will beep at your scheduled time and transmit your message. You can do it by saying “Hey Google” and dictate your message.

Update Google Contacts

In the first step, add family members to your Google contacts to send reminders. Go to “Google Contacts” on the web or use a contacts app for your slate. Use your primary Gmail account to sign in. Once Google contacts open, click the “+” button to begin adding contacts. You may find this button in the bottom on your phone. 

A computer may have this button on the top to create contact. A pop-up screen “Create Contact” requires you to fill info of family members. Feel free to put their Google/Gmail account in an “Email” field and hit “Save”.

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Update Your Family Group

You can add new members to your family group. Set up a Google Play Family and add only family members in the group. Feel free to add almost six to this group. Log into the website of Google or open a Play Store app on android devices. Click a hamburger menu tab in the top corner and choose “account” and select a family tab. 

Tap on “Manage family members” and “Invite family members”. You can input the primary Gmail address of every person to add them to a family. They have to open a link sent to their Gmail to join this group.

Ask Family Members to Install Google Assistant

Your family members must have Google assistant. Ask them to install this assistant. An android device may have a built-in assistant. Remember, you have to install Google Assistant in your iPhone for free. 

Ask your family members to open this assistant app on their smartphone and sign in using a Gmail account you have added to Google Contacts. Invite them so that the assistant app can access the location of their device and post notifications.

Send Reminders

Now you can use this feature on  by saying “Hey Google” to a home device of Google. Now you can dictate your message, such as “Remind (name of family members) to (reminder)”. Your assistant will ask some questions, answer them and you are done.

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