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Do you know which is one better, a smartphone or a tablet? It’s a debatable topic, but when you get to the bottom of it, the answer is a tablet. Even cheap tablets outperform smartphones.  This might be hard to fathom but it’s true. We are going to prove it with the following points.

Better Flexibility

It sounds off track, but tablets are more flexible as compared to smartphones.  As a matter of fact, tablets offer you the best laptops and smartphones have to offer because they are a unique combination of both. If you need, it can become a laptop while it boasts all the functions of a full-fledged smartphone.

Tablets make great e-readers as well. These are excellent for content consumption. Therefore, the unchallenged flexibility makes them ideal for most techies. You can find a decent deal even when you look for cheap tablets.

cheap tablets

Better Battery Life

It’s a fact that tablets have better battery life as compared to smartphones. Tablets tend to last longer on a single charge than both laptops and smartphones, even if they serve the same purpose.

If you don’t believe this fact, try running your favorite game on both of them and see which one last longer without having to plug in your device to a charger. Their large body or frame enables them to house larger batteries or in some cases multiple batteries. This lets them last longer than mobile phones.


Once again, this will sound off track, but smartphones are a bit more expensive as compared to tablets even if they have the same specifications. There are some cases where tablets have the same specs as the leading mobile phone but cost half the price.

Cheap tablets are better than smartphones in several ways. They have better screen size and battery life. They perform better when playing games, and their large size helps to cool the processor better than a smartphone.


They may run the same OS and specs as smartphones, but tablets are more productive when compared to smartphones. This is due to a simple design element! Therefore, even cheap tablets have this feature.

They have a large screen space. For instance, you can run Google Sheets, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs. However, you will find these apps are difficult to operate and view on a smartphone compared to a tablet.

It doesn’t matter what your smartphone and tablet costs; the tablet will prove to be more productive as compared to a smartphone.

Better Multimedia Experience

Most tablets only feature Wi-Fi connectivity. Smartphones use 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, thus they have better computational abilities, but the not a better multimedia experience. As the size is small, smartphones don’t offer an excellent multimedia experience.

The screen size of tablets ranges between 7”- 13”. It offers you a better format for viewing emails, chatting on social networks, and online gaming. In case you want to make calls, don’t look for cheap tablets. Buy high-end ones as they feature GSM, 3G, and 4G connectivity.

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