The growing threat of cyber attacks has increased the demand for securing our personal devices such as iPad. Nowadays, most of the users store their key personal information and other vital data such as credit card details, personal files, etc., on their iPads. The increasing reliance on such devices has made them our new digital assistants in the current age. Apple is a company that is respected for its strict privacy terms of its users. It has included many features that help in securing the data from any outside intrusion attempts. Below are some effective ways to secure the data on an iPad.

Backup and Encryption

Backing up the data to the iTunes or iCloud is crucial and will help recover the data in case if the device is lost or stolen. Apart from regularly backing up important data to Apple servers, it is also important to encrypt them. The iCloud features automatic encryption once the data is backed up into it. However, iTunes require manually encrypting the data. For encrypting the iPad data on iTunes use the Encrypt Data option, which is available in the Backup menu. By activating this feature, all the passwords that are stored on the device will also get backed up.

Using Passcode

One of the best and most simple methods to secure your iPad from any cyber threats or unauthorized usage is by creating a passcode for the device. By utilizing a passcode, the user requires entering the code each time they access the device. The functionality of the iPad can be utilized for creating a passcode through a mix of letters and numbers. This will make it harder to access the device if the device is lost or falls in the wrong hands.

Don’t Trust Option

The Don’t Trust option is available on iPads that run on iOS 7 and later versions. It enables the user to determine whether to trust the computer they are connecting to the device for the first time. By connecting the USB to the device, a popup menu will appear with the Don’t Trust option. Selecting this option will disable all the synchronizing and data transfer with the device with any unauthorized computer.

Privacy Settings

The iPad features a good collection of privacy settings that allows the user to manage the permissions of each app. It is displayed when a newly installed app asks for the permissions for gathering data. The user is provided with the option to enable or disable data gathering by the apps.