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Amazon Echo dot is available at an affordable price for music lovers. You can link this smart speaker with 7 inch android tablet. With this smart home product, you can enjoy your favorite music. The Echo Dot is a popular speaker of the third generation. As compared to the previous generation, it sounds better. With this smart speaker, you will get enough sound for a party.

This small gadget is affordable for everyone. Moreover, you can save money with the exclusive deals of Amazon. With Amazon Echo Dot, you can get the advantage of music streaming services. 

Unlimited Amazon Music

The 7 inch android tablet can be connected with this smart speaker. You will get access to unlimited music of Amazon. Feel free to virtually play your favorite songs, such as Pandora or Spotify subscription. These services are compatible to use with Alexa. If you want to stream songs with Alexa, the Bluetooth capability of Echo Dot will help you. Just pair it with your laptop or phone.

7 inch android tablet

Smartness of Alexa

With its smart voice assistant Alexa, it will be easy for you to create alarms, make calls, and set timers. Several skills are gimmicky, but useful for everyone. Alexa Guard is another feature of Amazon. It allows you to listen to sounds, such as smoke detectors and breaking glasses. You can get the advantage of paranoia’s healthy dose of peace of mind for your personality.

If you want to stop eavesdropping of Amazon on the household, just hit the Mute button and disconnect its microphone. You can control this device with a 7in tabletIt is a crucial step to protect your privacy.

Prime Music for Fun

Amazon Echo Dot is incomplete without Alexa. You can request some fun from Alexa with a Prime membership. The fusion of prime music and Alexa will not increase your expenses. You can ask Alexa to play your favorite music by sharing the lyric, title, station, playlist, or artist. Alexa can choose a song as per your mood, such as pop songs, which can be good for cooking.

7 inch android tablet

Unlimited Echo Plan

With a 7 inch android tablet, it is possible to save money with unlimited echo plans. After paying $3.99 per month, you will be able to listen to Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, or Amazon Echo. You can attach your Bluetooth speaker with other devices. 

New users can start with the free trial of music for unlimited songs. With unlimited music, it will be easy for you to control Alexa. It is possible to add almost five family members with an unlimited plan of music. Share your favorite music with nearly five members. Create cutting edge voice profiles for every family member. Access the control panel of Alexa via 7 inch android tablet.

Make sure to create unique profiles of every family member so that Alexa can recognize their unique voice. With a unique voice, everyone can control Alexa as per his/her needs.

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