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You should use a pattern lock, a PIN or a password. Numerous people prefer a pattern lock and find it difficult to unlock their phone after forgetting it. Forgetting a pattern lock of your device can be frustrating. Android users often face this scenario, but don’t worry. You can resolve this issue and unlock your phone.

Third-party tools and native solutions of Google can help you to reset the pattern lock of your device. In a few minutes, you will be able to access your device. Here are some security solutions for you:

Use Forgot Pattern Option

It is the fastest and easy way to fix this issue. You can use the “Forgot Pattern” option to recover your password. Remember, it is possible to hack android devices after knowing the details of Google accounts.

For this reason, this option is not available in updated versions. See these steps:

Provide a pattern to your phone, if your device indicates a wrong pattern, you can move forward.

You will see the option “Forgot Pattern” on the base. Tap this option and see a new screen. It will help you to bypass a forgotten pattern. Choose this option to enter account details of Google.

To reset a forgot pattern security, you have to enter your Google account and password associated with your device.

Once you sign-in to its interface, you have to create a new pattern for your smartphone. Confirm your selection and set one new pattern security for your smartphone or tablet.Pattern Lock Tricks

Android Device Manager

You can erase your phone lock with the help of the Android Device Manager. In numerous devices, it is known as “Find My Device”. With this feature, you can find your lost devices. Feel free to access this feature with the use of your Google credentials. It can resolve issues related to the forgotten pattern. See these steps:

  • Type in your web browser 
  • Sign in with Google credentials, such as Google account and password and choose a target device.
  • Get the location of the device with different options: ring, erase and lock.
  • You have to choose the “Lock” button to reset a password.
  • A pop-up window will appear, so you can enter a new password and confirm it.  

Remove Lock Screen

After forgetting your pattern lock on your new device you will not have an option to reset this device. In this situation, you can use a third-party tool, such as dr.fone to remove the lock screen of your device. It will not harm your device and remove its lock screen. Pattern or password of your device will be removed.

Fortunately, these tools are available for new devices of Android. You can remove these tools to delete pins, patterns or passwords. With an easy interface, everyone is capable of removing a lock screen. 

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