The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices from Samsung are now available in markets all around the world. Users who have purchased this tablet revealed that Samsung has pre-installed a number of exceptional applications in these devices. The previously launched devices from Samsung such as the S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 did not have the Samsung Music app rather it was replaced by Google Play Music because of a new partnership agreement between the companies.

In a recent announcement, both of these companies confirmed that the default streaming service and music player on all new Samsung tablets and smartphones will be Google Play Music from now on. Google Play Music is actually a streaming service like Apple Music and Spotify and its free version is available to users at the Android Play Store. Users who subscribe to this streaming service will gain access to an abundant music library, which consists of approximately 40 million music tracks.

In addition to that, reports from several reliable sources also claim that the owners of Samsung’s new tablets and smartphones will also be eligible for receiving many other extra rewards. The free music upload limit in the Google Play Music for nonpaying and paying customers was just 50,000 songs earlier but it has been increased to 100,000 for new Samsung tablet and smartphone owners.

Another added advantage of this offering is that subscribing to this streaming service also means that you have signed in to YouTube Red. YouTube Red allows subscribers to access YouTube without viewing the ads and it also lets them watch special programming. If you buy a new Samsung tablet or smartphone, then you will be able to enjoy all these exceptional offers.

The officials from Samsung also indicated that Google Play Music would be also working with the new artificially intelligent assistant of Samsung, named as Bixby. Only a few Samsung apps will be working with Bixby but the recent integration of Google Play Music might open doors to other third-party apps and services

If you are a person who doesn’t like to use Google Play Music in your new Samsung tablet, then you can download the Samsung’s music-playing app from Android Play Store as well. However, if you choose Samsung’s music-playing app over Google Play Music, you will not be able to enjoy any of these benefits.