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Do you want a compact tablet and you are looking for a hard case for 7 inch android tablet? You have come to the right place! Following, we are going to name some excellent compact tablet case covers that will help you protect your device. If you want to protect your investment, you should keep these in mind!

  1. Komal Passion Leather Satchel Cover

If you want a cover that will protect your small android tablet, then the Komal satchel will not disappoint you. It can carry your device and protect it without any issue. This satchel comes with several small pockets that can accommodate accessories. It also features an adjustable strap so you can carry your device easily. 

If you want to carry your tablet around without worry about breaking it, this cover can help you keep it sturdy and classy at the same time.

hard case for 7 inch android tablet

2. Grovemade Walnut Sleeve

Like the name says, it’s a sleeve and a very pretty one at that. If you have a compact android tablet and you want to protect it with style, then this hard case for 7 inch android tablet is designed for you. 

It’s a sophisticated solute that is derived from hardwood. It features laser-cut and geometric contouring. These design elements will let you show the fashionista inside you while protecting your tablet. It’s a bit expensive, but worth if you want to create a style statement. 3. Kaufman Mercantile Leather Sleeve

This one is a bit simple yet still classy. The Kaufman products are known for clean cuts and reliability. If you want a protection option that will protect your device for years, this might be it. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but if you are a professional and you use your tablet to create things, this might be ideal for you.

This hard case for 7 inch android tablet is designed for the professional environment and it has some impressive features. 

4. Cocoon Innovations GRID-IT Organizer

This case is a bit loud. It doesn’t matter if you are a nerd or style queen, a professional or a slacker, this cover will suit your style, nonetheless. The fun fact is this case doubles as a storage unit for the charger and other small accessories. This case comes with special straps that are designed to also tie down your smartphone, cords, charters, and handsfree. 

This case is as functional as stylish. If you need a hard case for 7 inch android tablet, this is the perfect pick for you!

5. Tomtoc Protective Case

This case is for people who want some a bit offbeat. With that said, it’s loud but a bit reserved in design if compared to some of the other options in this list. If you wanted a strong option to help you protect your compact android tablet, this is an excellent choice; it comes in different colors.

This hard case for 7 inch android tablet features magnetic enclosures and storage space for accessories. It also features shock-absorbing padding.

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