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It can be frustrating to see your laptop screen flickering. Tragically, this is a common issue with the Surface Pro 4 models. The worst part is that these tablet-laptop hybrids have become unusable because of this issue, and the users do not want to own this 10-inch tablet.

The agonizing part is that a driver update or firmware cannot fix the flickering screen issue. However, Microsoft acknowledged the problem and decided to facilitate the users in the best possible way.

At the moment, the most feasible solution is to offer a replacement to the users. Microsoft is willing to replace Surface Pro 4 within three years of purchase. However, what the users need to keep in mind is that they will not get a brand new tablet. They will get a refurbished tablet.

How Microsoft is going the extra mile to address the screen flickering

Now, the good news is that Microsoft decided to go out of the way to help out the users. Well, this means that if you paid a fee of about $450 to get the flickering problem fixed, then Microsoft is willing to give a refund to all such users.

The matter of concern here is that Microsoft took a lot of time to address the flickering screen problem of this 10-inch tablet. The problem got identified way back in 2018, but for some reason, Microsoft was unable to come up with an immediate solution.10-inch tablet

The strange thing is that Surface Pro 4 is a premium laptop line, but users also reported other issues apart from screen flickering. For example, some users faced problems associated with the sleep mode. Some users had problems with the battery of the tablet.

Initially, it was assumed that the Hyper-V feature caused the flicking problem, but despite various measures, the problem did not get resolved.

The manufacturing and design flaws frustrated the users, and they created a group by the name of Flickergate. The main objective of this group was to urge the company to fix the issues with Surface Pro 4.

Apparently, it seems that there is a problem with the hardware of Surface Pro 4. It is also crucial that the customers should perform a few steps before acquiring the assistance of Microsoft Customer Support.

They should install the latest Windows and Surface Updates on the 10-inch tablet. If the problem still remains unsolved, then the customers should take Surface Pro 4 to customer care.

The agent will assess if the Surface Pro 4 is eligible for the replacement. If the answer is yes, then the customers should ensure the fact that they backup their data. As a customer, you will get the replacement in 5 to 7 business days.

We suggest that you should not suffer in silence and get your Surface Pro 4 problem resolved. The reason is that it becomes impossible to handle a constant flickering screen. Reach out to the customer support at the earliest because they are in a position to help you out.

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