Apple’s iPad has become an indispensible tool for students, as these devices make the life of a student much easier. These slender tablets can contain all the textbooks, and can be a great multitasking organizer. iPads can also serve as study help and document carrier for students, while offering easy access to the world of internet.

Apart from school works, the iPad can also act as a great platform to play games and watch videos. What’s more, iPads may even help students get rid of the heavy backpack in the near future.

Digital Study Materials on iPad

It was not long ago that the digital copies of textbooks became available. Before that, the only option available was the real textbooks. Textbooks have filled up school bags for ages and after the end of classes, these textbooks will sit in the bookshelves to serve only as dust collectors.

However, things have changed a lot now with the introduction of digital textbooks. These textbooks have many advantages when compared to the usual textbooks. For one, they do not take up space and weigh nothing – the student just have to carry around the slender iPad and have all the textbooks in digital format in the tablet. The weight of the iPad is nothing when compared to the bunch of textbooks that students used to carry. What’s more, you can even rent an iPad for your studies. Check out for amazing offers.

Apple has also revolutionized the world of textbooks with the introduction of iBooks 2 app. iBook 2 offers multi-touch textbooks specifically for Apple devices and this will ensure that the students take along all the textbooks wherever they go.

You will be able to find textbooks from popular publishers like McGraw Hill Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Pearson Education in the textbook section of iBooks. Making use of the iBooks app, both students and teachers can buy textbooks at affordable rates from the iBookstore.

Multi touch textbooks from iBooks are not just 2D fact containing books, but they are interactive learning tools that have images and videos to help the reader understand things much faster and easily. Moreover, these books also offer highlighting and note taking capabilities to users.

In fact, for today’s students, who are born and raised among digital devices and media, multi-touch textbooks have made learning more engaging and enticing.