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We were recently asked for the space required on Samsung Galaxy tablets to run Windows 10 operating system on them. Now you must be surprised to know that the Samsung Galaxy tablet could not previously run Windows 10 at least physically, but they were always compatible with running it on paper. The Samsung Galaxy tablets have become a very important discussion of today, especially since the news has spread that the upcoming model will run on both the android system and Windows 10 depending on the user’s preference. No, we will talk about the new model and other Samsung galaxy tablets later someday but today we will surely tell you about the space that you require to run the windows ten operating system may it be on a tablet or a desktop system.

Samsung Galaxy tablets

How Much Space Does Windows 10 Need?

You must know that when the windows ten was launched, it was smaller in size than the last version of windows that is windows 8. But that status of windows 10 has changed ever since. The reason for it was that Microsoft thought of decreasing the size of the operating system by cutting down some important features loved by the users in windows 8 and introducing some new features in the new system. The version was loved by the people in the beginning, but later it begins to lose users as the features that were missing begin to highlight in front of the users.

The later updates of the windows ten made the size of the windows operating system very large and the figures that now are there for you guys are 16 GB for 32-bit Windows 10 operating system and 20 GB for the 64-bit operating system. Now, this is just the space that is required for the installation of the windows ten operating system. Other than this space, the windows ten operating system by windows requires a 7 to 8 GB of disk space to make sure that any future updates can be catered with complete installations. If you don’t have the reserve space, then you cannot just simply install and run the windows ten on your computer!

Now, this is a huge space to give to an operating system and especially when you talk about the new Samsung galaxy tablets you must know that they should have at least 128gb of space so that they can smoothly run both operating systems on one device.

There are some methods that you can use if you want to reduce the installation size of the windows 10 operating system!

  1. You can reduce the size by removing the bloatware!
  2. You can easily remove or reduce the Hiberfil
  3. You can easily tweak your paging file storage
  4. You can easily delete the previous windows update files

So you see how much space are you required to run a windows ten operating system on any of your device and with that you must also calculate the space for other applications!

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