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Do you want to access restricted websites on your smartphoneYou can do this easily because numerous options are available. In many instances, governments put restrictions on different websites. If you want to access blocked websites, you have to overcome geographic limits or boundaries. Here are some options for you.

Access Blocked Websites on Your Smart Devices

Nowadays, you can access the internet with your smartphone and android tablet. It becomes handy to access everything on the internet. Unfortunately, it will not help you to access websites or services blocked in your region. You have to bypass location-based or geo-blocking restrictions. 

android tablet and phone

Use Proxy with Tor

Orbot or any other proxy can be an effective method to unblock blocked websites on android tablets or smartphones. A proxy will help you to encrypt data on the internet. It is an easy way to access your blocked emails, messages and websites without any threat of being blocked or monitored.

  • Download a proxy (Orbot) from the Google Play store and install it. Open this app and power up Tor.
  • You have to install Orweb app (a browse supported by Tor). It will help you to browse blocked websites.

Use VPN Services (Free VPN)

To access blocked websites, you can use VPN services. A VPN app can unblock your blocked websites for android smartphones. It may compress data to send over the internet. With this compression, you can notice great improvement on your browsing speed. Numerous free VPN services are available. 

Feel free to download a VPN service for your android device from the Play Store of Google. Install this VPN app and open it. 

You are done with the installation. Now you can surf blocked websites. Some VPN apps are available with a built-in browser. Use this browser to access geographically restricted websites. For instance, you can stream BBC iPlayer, Hulu or Netflix in China with the help of a VPN app. Similarly, VPN allows you to watch videos on Pandora, YouTube and Spotify and much more.

android tablet and phone

TUNLR to Unblock Restricted Websites

A fusion of a DNS and a VPN may help you to access a restricted website. Tunlr is an excellent option for android, PS4, AppleTV, Mac, and Windows. It is a free service for every user. Users are recommended to deactivate DNS if they are not using TUNLR. Remember, a consistent barrage of data squeezed through a VPN tunnel can overload and kill this service.

Make sure to understand the nature of TUNLR. It will mask an IP address to fool geo-blocked sites. You may not get security similar to VPN apps. If you have no issue with security, you can take advantage of TUNLR.

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