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When it comes to customizing the iOS settings, many people look for how to disable the Voice Dial when the iPhone stays locked. If you find the iOS device randomly calls people when you do not need the same, it may occur because the microphone is more sensitive. In fact, if you disable the Voice Dial feature completely you can negate the hassle of having to stop such random calls on the iPhone.

For that, open the Settings app from the home screen, tap on Touch ID & Passcode and key in your 6-digit passcode in case you configured one earlier on iPhone. Then, toggle Off the switch for Voice Dial – the toggle grays out when you disable the feature on iOS. In addition, the next time you need the assistance of Voice Dial to make outgoing calls, you can access the same navigation path. Likewise, if you need not want Today staying visible on the Lock Screen of an iPad tablet, follow the below steps on iOS.

Open the Settings app, tap on Touch ID & Passcode and enter the passcode as explained. Then, toggle Off the switch for Today – it grays out when you disable the feature on iOS. Much like Voice Dial on the iPhone, if you need to toggle back on Today on the lock screen of the iPad tablet, navigate the same path when needed. Another feature, which you may need to customize on iOS, is Apple Siri the voice assistant.

There are times when the Apple patrons wish Siri would just stay quiet like, for instance, when the iOS device is locked. For that, navigate to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, enter the passcode and then toggle Off the switch for Siri. Further, just below the Siri toggle, you can also find the toggle for Reply with Message. Simple toggle Off the feature so that no one can reply to the messages from the device’s lock screen except the authorized person.

Talking about the lock screen, there is also the Auto-Lock feature, which safeguards the usage of your iOS device. To configure Auto-Lock, navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock and then you can choose from 30 Seconds to 5 Minutes. In fact, the shortest the time for Auto-Lock is set, the faster the iPad tablet would get locked automatically.

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