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We are all looking for cheap android tablets. However, what we overlook is that our PC is equally useful. You can even connect an cheap tablets wholesale with your PC without a wire. We will give you a guideline how you can manage this process smoothly.

Connecting your iPhone with your PC

Method 1

You can think along the lines to make use of the Airmor app. The app is free and can get used in iOS and Android devices. The main objective of this app is to facilitate you in a way that you can access your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 using the computer browser.

Downloading the app

What you need to do is search Airmor in the App store. Next, you need to install this app on your iPhone. Now, you have to open the app on your iPhone. You have the option to scan the QR code or you can click avatar in the Radar to manage the connection.

 If you want to connect your iPhone to your PC, then you can click on the Scan to Connect button. You have to aim the QR code into the scanning box.

However, when you use this method for connecting your iPhone to your computer, you need to have a stable internet connection.  A stable internet connection is also a dire need if you plan to pair your devices. 

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Method 2

 You need to take the benefit of Wi-Fi synchronization in iTunes. When you have a Wi-Fi synchronization setup, then it becomes easy for you to transfer books or videos to your PC from your iPhone.

If you establish Bluetooth pairing, then it will become simple to use your iPhone as a remote for Windows 7. You need to tap on the settings button on your iPhone screen. Next, you have to tap on the General option on the Settings screen.

Tap the Bluetooth and turn it on. Now, you need to click Add a Bluetooth device in your search results. Select your iPhone in the search results window and press next. Finally, you need to click create a pairing code for me. Make sure that you write the code that gets displayed on the screen.

Once the pairing process is complete, then it will become simple for you to go about the transfer of files.

Always make sure that you are aware of the relevant data transfer methods whether you own an iPhone or PC.

The benefit of this practice is that you will get a quality tablet at an affordable price. When you are aware of methods to transfer data to your PC without the use of USB cable, then you will not require any additional accessories also.

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