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In your smartphones you can create an exclusive list of contacts to send messages. You can use the special features of an android phone. It is possible to manage a group to send messages. In this way, you can send text messages to a group of people. Feel free to create a group for business friends and colleagues. Android groups are handy to send a text to the right people. 

Create Groups in Your Contacts

If you want to create an android contact group, open a contacts app. Click on the menu button on the left of the screen and click “create the label”. Now you can enter a name for your group and click on the “Ok” button. 

You can add numerous people in the group. Hit on “additional” people to add them to your group. After selecting people, click on the “Add” button.

android phone or tablet

Use Contract Groups of Android

To send a message to an android group, you have to choose it from contacts within the messaging app. Remember; android phones have different messaging apps depend on the carrier. Install custom messaging apps because these can behave differently. It is possible to choose a group of contacts with auto-suggest text boxes. 

After choosing a group, you have to draft a message for members of a group. You can reply to subsequent messages in a message thread. It is possible to send messages to a group without selecting contacts again.

Delete Group Members

You can create a group of contacts for your phone or tablet. It is possible to delete people from a group. If a person quits your office, you can remove his contact number from your business group. Tap on a menu (three dots) and click on remove contacts. Click on “remove contact” button next to a phone number.

android phone or tablet

Use Web to Edit Contact Groups

Your changes will be synced automatically to android devices. You can add more people to an online group with Google Contacts. Tap on the “Label” button and tap a set of groups or group to add contacts.

You can create a new online contact and tap “Labels” in contacts of Google and create a label. Write the name of the group and hit “Ok”. Google contact website will help you to remove contacts from online groups. 

Gmail to Send Email to Groups

If you are using a Gmail on the website, you must have an email address for contacts in one group. Feel free to send an email to a group. Type name of your group in “To” box in compose a menu of Gmail and tap on the group in an autosuggest menu.

The email addresses and names of contacts must appear in the “To” section. Verify a certain group of the recipient and write your message. You can send it to members of your group.

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