Most of the large screened tablets that are available in the market are ideal for watching movies and other HD video contents. This is particularly true when it comes to Apple’s iPad devices. If you take a close look at the iPad models, it is evident that Apple has put in extra efforts to make their devices lighter and thinner. This has in turn increased the viewing experience to users no matter whether lying on the couch or wrapped up in the bed.

You can access and watch all of your favorite TV shows and movies by subscribing to an online streaming service. However, if you are a person who travels around a lot for work related purposes, it is wiser to have a few movies on your iPad. This will help you to overcome the boredom during long travel. Below is how to download movies to your iPad.

Using iTunes to Download Movies

Using iTunes is certainly not the only option to download movies to your iPad, but it certainly is one of the easiest ways to do so. You can also use iTunes to transfer the movies that you have purchased or rented through the iTunes Stores.

  • Open iTunes from your laptop or computer, and connect your iPad to the PC with the help of a compatible USB cable.
  • Select your iPad from the device menu at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Tap on Movies from the options, which will allow you to see a page with a numerous collection of compatible film files.
  • Now, tick on the Sync Movies box and choose the films that you wish to synchronize with your iPad.
  • If you wish to synchronize all the movie files to your iPad, the click on the Automatically Include box and make sure to keep the All

However, if you wish to directly download movies from the iTunes Store of your tablet, then follow these set of steps.

  • Open the iTunes Store application on your iPad, and select the Films section from the bottom menu.
  • Now, select your preferred movie and buy it. You can then see a Download option near the name of the movie.

The rented or purchased videos can be found in the Videos app of your tablet.

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