In the opinion of many Apple technicians, short battery life is one of the most difficult issues to solve in iPads, as it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for the battery drain. Expert technicians say that software will not be causing the battery to drain in most of the cases. If you suspect that the battery of your iPad is not working properly, then you will need to test and verify if the battery has an issue.

Test iPad Battery Drain

You can make use of the Usage and Standby time shown by the device to verify if the iPad has battery drain issue. To do this, you need to go to Settings > General > Usage and check the time. In iPads powered by iOS 9, you can find the times by going to Settings, and then select Battery. You will need to wait for the list to load and then go to the bottom of the list to select battery.

Usage time is the period for which you have used the device, whereas the Standby time refers to the period of time for which the device has been idle in between your usage together with the Usage time. This means that the Standby time will be always more than the Usage time, thus standby time can be the “total time since unplugging the device from the charger.”

You should look and verify that the Standby time is significantly higher than the Usage time. If this is not the case with your iPad and the Usage time shown is exactly same as the Standby time, you can ensure that the device suffer from battery drain. Usage time shown by the device should be equal to the amount of time that you have used the device after unplugging it from the charger.


  • To perform the test, you will need to take notes of the usage and standby time details and lock the device by pressing on the Sleep/Wake button of the iPad.
  • After locking the iPad, keep the device idle for five minutes. Make sure that no one else uses the device in this time.
  • After five minutes, unlock the device and note the changes in time displayed by the iPad.
  • If the iPad was in proper sleeping mode, the Standby time displayed by the device should have increased by five minutes and the Usage time by less than a minute. If you find that the Usage time displayed is more than minute, you can make sure that the device has a battery drain issue.

This is a very efficient test that can be used to find battery drain issues in iPad and can be handy while buying iPads for wholesale from tablets wholesale dealers. The test will help you filter out those iPads with battery drain issue and buy tablets that have good battery life.