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Do you want a new tablet because your old device has charging problems? Before purchasing a new phone or slate, try to fix charging issues of your old device. Here are some quick fixes for your android smartphone.

Reboot a Smartphone

You can fix numerous issues of your phone by restarting it. Restarting a smartphone may kill background services. It will refresh the core components of your phone. To reboot your phone quickly, hold a power button and click on the “Restart” option.

Charging ability of your phone may start working properly after a restart. Make sure to review your 3rd party apps and uninstall untrusted or strange apps. Carefully check the list of apps in the cheapest tablet online or smartphone to remove killer apps.

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Charge Smartphone in a Safe Mode

Try to boot your smartphone in a safe mode. Remember, safe mode acts as a sandboxed environment. It can restrict your smartphone to its original software. It means third-party apps can’t run in safe mode.

If you can charge your phone in a safe mode, third-party apps are the main culprits. Now you have to check recently downloaded apps. It will help you to identify an app that is causing charging issues.

Feel free to uninstall a suspicious app and reboot your smartphone normally. If you are unable to fix an issue with this method, you can efficiently fix this problem with a factory reset. 

Your recent android devices require you to press the power button and hold it for a few seconds to enter a safe mode. To exit this mode, replicate this procedure and choose restart option.

Change Adapter, Socket and Cable

Sometimes, faulty charging accessories may increase the chances of charging issues. A loose wire or malfunctioned adapter can make charging difficult. For this reason, try to charge your smartphone with a different adapter, power source or cable. If you can charge your tablet or phone through a PC, you can try a different socket and adapter. Make sure to purchase first-party, original accessories from a reliable vendor. 

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Software Bug

This bug can hide the charging icon. Install Ampere app to find out the actual issue. With this app, it will be easy for you to find out total charging or discharging current from your phone. 

Ampere has numerous features to evaluate the battery of your phone, current temperature and available voltage. You can turn off your phone to test this problem and insert a charging cable. If the screen of your phone flashes with a particular charging animation, it is working correctly.

Clean Charging Port

Dust particles can hinder connections of your phone. Carefully inspect charging port of your phone to remove the buildup of grime or dirt. Feel free to use a cotton swab for cleaning.

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