Many Android tablet users recently complained that their iPad often prompts them to enter its password. If you are an iPad user who has not yet set a passcode for your device and if the prompt for the password includes your iTunes email ID above the input box for the passcode, then it is certain that your device is prompting you to log into your iTunes account.

This issue usually occurs due to the interruption of an app update or app download, which in turn prevents the device from fully updating or downloading the app. Below is how to fix an iPad that keeps on asking for iTunes password.

Reboot the Device

The first and most simplest rebooting step for most iPad issues is to reboot the device. Rebooting your iPad will not only solve the issue but it will also flush its memory and ensure that the devoid is free of any glitches.

Gently press the Sleep/Wake button of your iPad for a few seconds to power off the device. Now, wait for a couple of minutes and follow the same procedure to turn on the device. Check whether the issue is solved before moving to the next troubleshooting step.

Check for “Waiting” Apps

If the issue persists, then your iPad will once again prompt you to log into iTunes. Go, through the files in your iPad and if you identify an app with the word “waiting” below it. This app might be the culprit behind the issue you are currently experiencing on your iPad.

Now, enter your iTunes passcode and log into iTunes to finish downloading the app. This would solve the issue in most cases but if you are still facing the error, proceed to the next step.

Open Newsstand and iBooks

In some cases, a magazine or a book on your iPad might be causing this issue instead of an app. So, simply launch the Newsstand and iBooks in your device, carefully scan through the contents, and see whether any one of the items is stuck on “waiting”.

If you happen to spot a magazine or book that is stuck on a download, log into iTunes to complete the download. Yet if your iPad is still prompting you to enter iTunes password, seek the help of an expert for advanced troubleshooting.