Many users of Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, and many Samsung tablets have complained about the issues caused by the recent Android Nougat update. It is true that the latest update from Google offers some exciting changes, but at the same time, it introduces many issues like battery drain, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, GPS problems, and Bluetooth connectivity issues in Samsung tablets. Worry not; the tips shared below by Android tablets dealers would help you fix the battery drain issues in Samsung Galaxy devices after the Nougat update.

Fixing Battery Issues

If you run into issues after updating your Samsung Galaxy device, you do not need to panic, as many of these issues can be fixed with some simple tweaks. Abnormal battery drain is a very common issue faced by users after the Android Nougat update. If you have installed the update very recently, wait for another two days, as it may take a few days for the battery of the device to become familiar with the new OS after the update. If you find that the battery is behaving badly even after a few days of the update, you will need to try the following possible troubleshoots to fix the issue.

Reboot the Tablet

If you find that the battery of your Samsung tablet is dropping real fast after you disconnect the device from the wall socket, then there should be a reason for it. Any installed app, Wi-Fi, or GPS of the device might be acting up and performing a reboot might help fix it. If a normal reboot does not help to fix the issue, you have to do a hard reboot of your device, and for that, you will need to press and hold down the Power and Home keys for about ten seconds. This step will not wipe any data stored in the device, and will restart the phone in a clean state.

Oculus Battery Life Fix

Many Samsung Galaxy users have complained that the Oculus VR app installed in the device is a battery killer. Experts say that the latest Oculus Rooms feature is the culprit in this case, and if you do not use the app, it will be a good idea to disable the app. You can check if the battery performance improves after disabling the Oculus app.

To disable the app, go to Settings, select Applications, navigate to Applications Manager, and then select Oculus. After choosing the app, you can select the Disable or Uninstall option. If you choose Disable, all the aspects of the app will be disabled. Alternatively, users may also turn off the Rooms feature to see if the battery life improves.