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You can send multimedia messages service (MMS). It is an excellent method to send media and images through a text. After reaching their destination, these media files may not go smoothly. These files may be corrupted after reaching their final destination. If you want to fix this issue, here are some tricks.

Solve Downloading Issues of MMS

In numerous cases, an MMS message refuses to download. This problem may arise because of two reasons, the default setting of your messenger and interfering apps on your smartphone or tablet. If you want to identify the main issue, you have to check the settings of your messenger.

Open Settings of Messenger

Open messenger on your android smartphonesLook at the top of its screen to find “Settings”. In a default messenger, you can see an “Auto-Retrieve” option on the screen. If this option is enabled, you have to disable it. After this modification, MMS media will not be able to download automatically. It is essential to tap a message to start the download.

Once a download is initiated, its success chances will be better than an automatic setting. Feel free to send an MMS to yourself or ask a friend to send you an MMS. It will help you to check if these changes are working correctly.

Clear Old Messages

If your problem is not resolved even after changing settings, you have to check old messages in your storage. Delete old messages to get sufficient space for new MMS.

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Track Down Issue with Apps

You have to find out task killing apps in your mobile. These will become the primary culprits. If you have recently installed an app, uninstall it and check the MMS capabilities of your mobile phone.

Remember, antivirus services and cleaner apps can create problems. In the presence of these apps, you may not get an MMS. No doubt, it is risky to remove virus protection. Feel free to ditch a cleaner app. You can disable an antivirus app installed on your smartphone to check if it is the real culprit. You can test the MMS capabilities of your phone after putting your smartphone in a safe mode.

MMS Media is Not Playing

In numerous cases, you can’t access an MMS message even after downloading it. Sometimes, corrupt media can become the main reason. Try to redownload an MMS message. If you are unable to find media files, use a file manager to track down missed files. It will help you to find your missed downloads.

Network Connection

Check the network connection of your android phone if you are unable to receive or send MMS messages. It would be best if you have an active data connection to use an MMS function. Open Settings of your phone and click on wireless & network settings.

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