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It can be irritating to see your smartphone or tablet saying “No SIM Card; Emergency Calls Only”. These types of problems are related to network, software or hardware. Sometimes, it will be easy for you to solve this problem. In some cases, replacing a phone or SIM card may help you to solve this problem.

This issue is common in Galaxy smartphones. Android phones often display a “No Service” or “Emergency Calls Only” error because of weak signals, a problem in the software of the device or defective hardware. Here are some easy remedies to fix this issue.

Restart Your Android Phone

To fix the emergency calls issue, you can restart your android smartphoneAfter inserting a SIM, phones often take time to recognize the carrier. For this reason, you have to reboot your phone. It is an easy way to fix error in SIM.

Sometimes, a soft reset may help you to fix this issue. Unplug your smartphone from a power source, remove its battery and wait for 30 seconds. You have to reinsert your battery and restart your phone. Now you can check if this problem is solved.

Adjust Your SIM Card

Make sure to set up a SIM card of your android device correctly. Remember, a SIM card is necessary to connect you to a network. In numerous cases, you may not have access to a SIM card. If you can access a SIM card, try to adjust it in your phone. In several cases, you can fix an error with your SIM card. A misaligned SIM may be an actual cause of this issue. This trick may not work for top rated tablets.

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Manually Choose a Carrier

An abrupt change in settings may increase the chances of network issues. Numerous manufacturers are using an android operating system. For this reason, instructions to manually choose a carrier can be different. Visit the website of your manufacturer for your assistant. Check settings of android phone for your convenience.

If you want to search for a network, click on “Wireless & Networks – Mobile Networks – Network Operators”. Alternatively, your phone uses “Settings – Wireless & Networks – Data Usage”. Click on the vertical dots in the top corner and choose “Cellular Networks – Network Operators”. 

GSM Network Mode Only

2G signals are strong, but these are not fast. From settings, check “Mobile Networks – Network Mode”. For other devices, check out “Settings – Data Usage” and tap on the menu icon in the upper corner. Choose “Cellular Networks – Preferred Network Type” and click on GMS only.

Salvage SIM

Evaluate a SIM card because sometimes dirty cards can make things difficult. You have to check if your SIM card has dirt and dust. Try to rub a chip with a dry clean cloth or a soft eraser. For your smartphone, you will need a microsize SIM. Sometimes, you will need a new SIM card. 

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