iPad is a very popular tablet from Apple which is very robust and efficient in handling many things at the same time. However, when the Wi-Fi of the device is down and some of the apps installed in the device stops working, many of us just forget that there are other things in that iPad that works without Wi-Fi. We are so addicted to the internet that many of us cannot even think of a life without the World Wide Web.

Many new iPad users have acknowledged that they are facing issues while trying to connect their device to the Wi-Fi network. The issues can be with the configuration of the router and configuring it again may help to solve the issue. The tips shared here by wholesale iPad dealers would help you resolve the issue.

Fixing iPad Wi-Fi Issues

Your iPad may not connect automatically to the Wi-Fi network after waking from sleep or after a restart. This issue commonly happens with third-party Wi-Fi routers, which have dual-band capability when you use different security settings for each of the networks or while using the same network name for each of the networks.

If you are experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues with your new iPad, you can try the steps that are explained below to fix the issue.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to make different Wi-Fi network names to identify each of the bands. This is a simple step and can be done by adding a few characters to the current name of the network. For example, you can add a D to the 802.11b/g network and an H to the 802.11n network name.
  • The second thing is to ensure that both the networks use the same security type. (i.e. WEP, WPA2, WPA, and so on)

Doing these steps will help you fix the Wi-Fi connectivity issue in your iPad. If you find that the issue is still present even after doing the above steps, you will need to reset the network settings in the iPad. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. In addition to resetting the network settings of the iPad, you will need to ensure that the firmware of the Wi-Fi router that you use is up-to-date. If it is not updated properly, you may not be able to connect to the network from your iPad.