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When you purchase a cheap tabletor PC, then you may feel the need to free up RAM. Now, there are many ways through which you can free up the RAM. You can close the open programs. You may think along the lines to restart your refurbished ipads in bulk.

We will explore some essentials to free up the RAM.

Releasing the memory

Close the stubborn programs

It is crucial that you forcefully close the stubborn programs. For closing a program forcefully, Ctrl+Shift+Esc and the task manager will open up on the screen.

Now you have to click on the Processes tab, and click on the program which you wish to close. The last step is to click on the End task option to close the stubborn program.

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Disable unnecessary startup programs

There can be many startup programs also that may be using the RAM. The startup programs tend to start when you boot up your computer. Secondly, your computer startup process may also slow down because of these programs.

For disabling these startup programs, open the task manager. Next, click on the startup tab of your task manager window. Next, you should click on the program that you do not want to start. You will find a disable button in the bottom-right corner of the window. Make sure that you click on this button.

Using the appropriate browsers

Most people are unaware that if they switch browsers, then it can help to save up RAM. You should think along the lines to make use of Firefox or Google Chrome. Secondly, if you limit your browsing, then it can also help to save RAM.

If you want to view a link later on, you can simply bookmark it. There are times when you make use of extra browser extensions. The problem with the extensions is that they may increase the memory use, so it is vital to only make use of the essential extensions.

If your browser has a video downloader, you can think along the lines to disable it if it does not get used on a frequent basis.

Well, if you are still dissatisfied, then there is yet another effective solution to the problem.  You can upgrade the RAM of your device. You can make use of a microSD card for increasing the RAM.

The positive aspect of the microSD card is that it can also help to increase the storage capacity of your tablet. Once your android tablet has extra RAM available, the processing of the tablet will improve in no time. You can manage the upgrading of the RAM because there are many tutorials available that give you significant insight in this regard. It is essential that you should view these tutorials.

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