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You can learn how to hack a password-protected computer account. It is not easy to hack a strong password on Windows. You have to understand the restrictions. Numerous Windows 10 accounts are associated with an email address of Microsoft. 

It cannot be easy to reset the password of the primary account. After hacking, it will be easy for you to access the files of the main account. If you want to hack a local user, feel free to change passwords in old Windows renditions. 

Make sure to install a USB or CD drive. Windows 10 computer must be an installation medium, such as installation CD is required for this method. In the absence of an installation CD, create a USB drive (installation) with the following method:

  • Plug one USB drive (8 gigabytes) into a computer.
  • Open the download page of Windows 10.
  • Tap on download tool now.
  • Double-tap the downloaded tool.
  • Check on-screen prompts to install a tool on the flash drive.

Insert installation media into a computer. Put a CD in your disk drive and insert a flash drive (USB) into the USB ports of computers.

Restart Computer into BIOS

Tap “Start” and hit “Power” and “Restart”. Now, immediately start pressing or holding repeated BIOS key of your computer, until its BIOS launches. Remember, the BIOS key depends on the motherboard of the manufacturer. 

Numerous keys include special functions: F2, Del and Esc. If you are clueless about the selection of a key to hold or press, consult the BIOS of your computer. Search it by the model of a computer with the world bios and key.

Windows 10 computer

Change Boot Order of Computer

Change the boot order of your computer to prioritize your installation media. It may depend on the BIOS of your computer. You can open an Advanced or Boot tab and use arrow keys to choose your USB drive or CD drive. Now press a “+” key to the drive toward the top of this list.

In case of BIOS problems, consult BIOS documentation online. In case of any trouble, this documentation will help helpful. 

Save Settings and Exit

Press tabs “Save & Exit” key as per BIOS legend and confirms by pressing a key, if prompted. The computer may resume rebooting. After this point, you will see the installation menu.

Press “Shift + F10” to open a command prompt.

Replace a utility manager with a command prompt. Remember, you will need this command prompt later:

Type in move c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak

Press ↵ Enter

Type in copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Press ↵ EnterCopy this code and save itYou have to reboot a computer. Type in “wpeutil reboot” and hit “Enter”, then remove installation media from your computer. It will ensure that your windows reboot to a login screen instead of returning into an installation setup. You have to open a command prompt through a utility manager in an administrator mode and create a new user.

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