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The Alexa app from Amazon works in a similar way to the Google Assistant on Fire HD 10 (7th generation). Amazon’s Alexa app is compatible with the 4th generation, 5th generation, 6th generation, and 7th generation Fire tablets. However, only the 7th generation Fire HD 10 tablet featuring Fire OS supports the Alexa hands-free mode as of now. If you have Android tablets or compatible iPad tablets, you may know how to ask queries to the Alexa voice assistant and tell it to do certain things for your convenience.

To check for updates for the Fire OS on the device, pull down from the top of the screen and tap on Settings > Device Options, and choose System Updates. From here, you can see the software version number of your Fire HD 10 tablet alongside the option to check for available updates for the Fire OS.

Navigate to Settings, tap on Alexa, and turn on the toggle switch for Hands-Free Mode to operate the 7th Generation Fire HD 10 tablet hands-free. It shall be noted you can disable Hands-Free Mode from Settings and thereby operate the device with hands if that is convenient to you.

To open the Alexa app on the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet, tap and hold the Home button of the device until you use a blue line and then you are good to ask queries. Assuming your Fire HD 10 tablet is up-to-date and is in Hands-Free Mode, you can seek the help of Alexa to get responses to the queries you may make via voice command.

Asking Alexa to “search for” or “find” something in the 7th Generation Fire HD 10 tablet will reveal web-related results from Bing, shopping-related results from Amazon, and the downloaded Amazon content in My Stuff. You can also ask Alexa to open videos from Amazon Prime or from your device, except from the third-party apps.

Saying, “play the movie [title]” will open the specific movie you search for on Amazon Video. To get updates on traffic, set the starting point and the destination point in the Alexa app and ask, “how is traffic?” on the microphone of the Fire HD 10. While on Hands-Free Mode, you can easily disable the microphone of the Fire HD 10 tablet by tapping on the Play/Pause button for three seconds.

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