When you purchase a new iPad, there is the option to restore the contents of your old iOS device. This is a helpful feature as it enables you to retrieve all the data of your previous device when you buy iPad Air wholesale or any other models. It is much easy to restore the iPad with its available backups. Besides, restoring the backup serves other functions also, such as when an error occurs in your device that leads to data loss.

You can simply restore the last made backup into your iPad to make it go into its previous state. Yet it is important to understand how restoring your iPad to any of its backups works. As the backups are made either in iCloud or in iTunes, you can use any of them to retrieve the backups into the iPad. Below is how to restore your iPad from available backups.

Restoring Using iCloud

This method is suitable only if you have made the backup using iCloud. Restoring a backup will clear all the data from your device and take it back to a state when the backup was made. When you are using a new device, the “Hello” screen will display the directions that will navigate you through the process of restoring your device.

For this, power up your iPad and this will bring up the “Hello” screen. After navigating through the first steps, an Apps and Data section will be displayed. It will display several options such as restoring through either the iCloud or iTunes backup. Select the Restore From iCloud Backup option, which will require you to enter your Apple ID.

This will list out the available backups that you have made in iCloud. Select the most recently made backup by checking the date. This will restore your iPad to the day and time when the backup was made. Make sure that your device remains connected to the Wi-Fi network as it can take some time to restore depending upon the size of the backup.

Restoring Using iTunes

If you have made a backup using iTunes, you can restore the backup into your newly purchased device easily. For this, plug in your device with a Mac or PC that has the latest version of iTunes installed. A Welcome To Your New iPad page will appear if you are connecting your iPad to the computer for the first time. Click on the Continue button to synchronize your device with iTunes.

This will open the iTunes page that displays numerous options for backing and restoring your iPad. In the backups section, select the Restore Backup option. A pop-up window will appear with details of all the existing backups. Select the most recent one and click on the Restore button. This will restore the backup that you have made in iTunes into your newly purchased iPad.

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