Apple has recently prompted their users running the iOS 10.3 beta to enable the two-factor authentication for the Apple ID. It is a feature that enhances the security of your Apple ID and prevents others from accessing your account. If you are an iOS 10.3 beta user, the notifications might already be there on your iPad for enabling the two-factor authentication.

Clearing the notifications will not remove them and the only way to do so is by enabling this feature. In fact, Apple has made it mandatory to enable this feature for providing the users with extra security in their accounts. It is recommended to apply the authentication if you are intending to buy iPads for schools and other institutions. Below is how to setup the two-factor authentication for Apple ID in your iPad.

Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is highly important for properly securing the device from any intrusion attempts. By using this feature, your Apple accounts are provided with an extra layer of security that will prevent others from accessing your account even if they have your password. This will not only improve the security of your device but also protect all the personal data that you have saved on Apple’s servers.

By enabling two-factor authentication on your device, you can configure your account to be accessed via iOS and Mac devices that you consider trustworthy. These trusted devices can be an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running on iOS 9 or later versions. Mac with OS X El Capitan and later versions can also be used as trusted devices for enabling the two-factor authentication on your iPad.

Signing in to a new device for the first time requires you to provide the password and the six-digit verification code, which is shown on the devices that you trust. After signing in, there is need to undertake the authentication process again. If you sign in via the web, the browser can be made trusted that will prevent the need for entering verification code each time while signing in.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

  • To enable the two-factor authentication, go to Settings and select the Trust This iPad option located under your Apple ID.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password, which will cause Apple to send a six-digit verification code to your allocated trusted devices.
  • In your iPad, enter the verification code that is displayed on your designated trusted device.

A trusted phone number can also be used to receive the verification codes by text or phone call in case if they are not received in your trusted devices. Enabling this requires verification from one of your trusted phone numbers. This will be helpful if you are unable to access the verification code on any of your trusted devices.

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