Apple provides great multimedia playback on their iOS powered devices. These devices contain an iTunes music app pre-installed on it. You may consume mobile data to download several songs from the iTunes store, if you do not synchronize the songs into the iPad tablet. While that is certainly a doable thing, you may want to know how to synchronize iTunes songs into the iPad. You may have previously downloaded the songs and they will be listed on iTunes library.

This first thing is to get the latest version of iTunes – ignore if you have the latest version installed on Mac PC. If not installed, launch the app, navigate to iTunes menu tab, and choose Check for Updates to update iTunes manually on Mac PC. Then reboot the Mac before starting the synchronization of songs to the iPad tablet. When you connect the device to the Mac PC, the one-way synchronization will work automatically and iPad will mirror what contains in your iTunes library.

The songs on the iTunes library on Mac PC will be copied to the refurbished iPad and the songs not in the iTunes will be gone from the device. Remember, auto-sync will cause a set of data to remain the same in more than one location. However, if you make the manual method as the default option on iTunes, the app won’t synchronize automatically when you open it on Mac PC. Follow the below steps to make manual synchronization default on iTunes.

  • Open the app and tap on the Summary tab just underneath the Now Playing window.
  • Turn on Manually Manage Music and Videos option by deselecting the checkbox next to the option. Then choose Apply to save the tweaked setting on iTunes.
  • To see the list of songs on iTunes, choose Library under Music.
  • To copy paste the songs, drag and drop individual songs from the main screen of iTunes to the iPad tablet, located under Devices in the left pane.

Since copying individual songs may take time, you may want to use the keyboard shortcuts to copy paste multiple songs from iTunes library. Press down the Command key on the Mac PC and select the songs you want to copy to the iPad tablet.

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