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Those who are accustomed to transferring video files in between Android devices using Bluetooth interface may know that the process may take some time. However, sending and receiving the file in between two Android devices can be done using Wi-Fi Hotspot via the Xender app. There are other apps like ShareIt for doing this as well, but Xender is a widely used file sharing application on Android. In case you are new to this, below is how to transfer files in between Android tablets via Xender.

Since the app will use Wi-Fi hotspot interface to establish a link, the Android device receiving the data may consume the remaining cellular data in your device if it has enabled automatic update of apps via Wi-Fi on Google Play Store. The users may know how Play Store updates each app, so turn off the cellular data in your Android device in case you are sending movies to strangers via Xender. A friend using your cellular data may seem like a win-win but not strangers.

Once you ensure that, launch the Xender app from the home screen of Android or the apps menu. Once you launch the file transferring app, you can see two options namely Send and Receive. Since you are the sender, choose a file from Video section on the app, click on Send, and tell the other user to choose Receive.

When you choose Send, the app will scan for a connection with the other Android device via Wi-Fi Hotspot interface and the receiver’s device name will pop-up on screen. If other Android tablets are within range, they may pop up on the Xender app also, so ask your friend’s device name and tap on the respective icon to start the file transfer in between the devices.

Alternatively, you can tap on the video file directly from Android Gallery, choose Share option, and then select the Xender app. The app will launch subsequently and scan for a connection as usual. The file transferring process will repeat in the same way as explained.

Some people find scrolling through videos on the Video section of Xender a tedious process, especially those who have many video files in their refurbished tablets. Regardless, when you have the right file to share, Xender will complete the file transferring process within a few minutes based on the file size and the Wi-Fi hotspot signal strength.

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