We all love using an iPad tablet for composing long strings of texts on the go and for the screen size. Apple recently came up with an update on an iPad tablet ft. iOS 11, which would help you to enter the numerical and special characters without having to use the Shift key on the QuickType keyboard.

The virtual keyboard in iOS displays all the main letters and the related numbers or special characters associated with the letter. Over the years, Apple patrons have been using the Shift key alongside the main letter to create an emotion on the virtual keyboard; that has been simplified now in iOS 11, but is available only on select iPads.

To get started with the feature known as ‘key flicks’, open an application in the iPad and slide up from below the screen to reveal the QuickType keyboard. Alternatively, you can open an iOS app like the messaging app and start typing on the message field.

You can now press on a particular letter key to enter the letter, but for entering a special character, you can tap a key and pull down. In fact, just as you do that on the QuickType keyboard the special character would replace the letter you tapped and pulled and the same would appear as a written text.

Further, you may also want to know how to disable the key flicks feature also if you love the standard virtual keyboard for typing. For that, navigate to Settings > General and choose the option Keyboard in the menu and slide Off the Enable Key Flicks.

Regarding compatibility, the key flicks upgrade on the QuickType keyboard can be accessed in most of the iPad models featuring iOS 11, except for the iPad Pro featuring 12.9 inches screen size. The iPad Pro 12.9 inch tablet makes use of a separate method instead which would let you access the additional keys by sliding up on a particular key on the virtual keyboard. However, the feature is available on lower sized iPad Pro models including the 10.5 inch model or the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Apparently, the key flicks feature is a useful update as it helps you to type using one hand.

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