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Remember, you are not purchasing an updated tablet or phone. This device was resting on the shelves for several months after their manufacturing. You have to check their updates immediately. If you want to update the operating system of your android phone, here are some simple methods for everyone.

Manual Updates

  • In the first step, your device must be connected to the internet. A Wi-Fi connection can be an ideal choice over mobile data. 
  • Go to “settings” and choose “about phone”.
  • Click “check for updates” and wait if the update button appears. It seems updates are available. Tap this button. 
  • Based on your operating system, you can see “Install Now, Install Software of System or Install and Reboot” options. Tap this option and wait for a few seconds. 
  • Your smartphone will reboot and start updating. Remember, your smartphone is updated now.

OTA Updates

Over-the-air (OTA) updates are available for all android users. You may get an automatic notification to upgrade your smartphone. If you have accidentally cleared this notification, you can get the latest version automatically. See manual updates and follow all instructions to update your phone.

android smartphone

Upgrade Package

In normal conditions, you may get upgrades from the official website of android. Check your download center in an android phone and download the upgrade package to update your system. Make sure to download an upgrade package as per the model of your smartphone.

If you want to update the operating system of android, make sure to check “Settings – About Phone – System Updates”. Once you see an available package for your phone or  tabletyou can download it. Install this package and reboot your phone. After reboot, you will be able to see an updated version.

Upgrades for Rooting Devices

Rooting is a powerful approach to update your android smartphone. Sometimes, people upgrade their phones to get super administrator permission for subsystems of android. It can make updates easy for you. If you want to root your phone, you have to download a root app. See these easy instructions:

  • Download a root app and install it on your PC. 
  • After running this app, connect a phone to your computer through a USB cable.
  • Carefully follow corresponding prompts to root your device.
  • Reboot phone to access the current version of the android. 

Install Q Beta Android on Your Phone

You can see sublimation of previous operating system of android in 9.0 pie. Perfectly, developers are not done with the new versions. They are working hard to enhance your experience. Remember, android Q is Android 10, and a beta version is available for the help of users. You can improve the efficiency of your device with this version.

Latest update of 7 inch android tablet wholesale is available for Pixel phones. After installing this new version, you will be able to use its unique features.

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