AirPlay’s unique ability to air the content in a refurbished iPad to Apple TV or a compatible-speaker through the third-party apps compatible with AirPlay will lend a new dimension to your daily entertainment habit. In fact, the app should be installed in any iOS device to have tons of videos, music, or photos up for streaming. Wireless connectivity will be needed for streaming content to Apple TV, whereas the Apple TV should be of second generation or later for the AirPlay feature to work seamlessly.

For streaming media, access the Control Panel of iOS – slide up from the bottom of the iPad display to open up the Control Panel instantly. The Apple TV option will show right next to the AirDrop option on the Control Panel of the iOS device and so will the AirPlay-compatible speaker once Wi-Fi connectivity is established. Connect both Apple TV and iPad or the compatible-speaker and the iPad to the same wireless network to mirror the app’s content via AirPlay.

In fact, if you are trying to choose one device for streaming content and the device is connected to a different wireless network to the iPad, the options for both will not show up in the Control Panel. So, ensure that Apple TV and/or AirPlay-compatible speaker stays connected to the same wireless network as the iPad for AirPlay to wirelessly stream the content.

For streaming, tap on AirPlay and then tap on the device that shows up on Control Panel of the iOS. If you are trying to stream to Apple TV, an additional option for turning on the Display Mirroring feature will be available to you on the refurbished iPad. The Display Mirroring feature will mirror the iPad’s screen on Apple TV, and once you start playing the video on the app the same video will appear simultaneously on Apple TV.

If the AirPlay option does not appear on the Control Panel of your device despite ensuring that the wireless connection is the same for both Apple TV and iPad and is working fine, go to Apple TV’s settings and ensure that AirPlay is active within the settings. If that does not help, reboot the Apple TV, wait for a few seconds for the wireless connection to get established and check if AirPlay is active in the Control Panel of iPad. If you are still having issues, get in touch with an Apple Care technician for assistance.

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