The iOS 11 has a lot of iPad exclusive features among which the prominent one is the dock. The dock feature in iOS 11 would transform the iPad tablets with improved user interface. The iPad dock works both in portrait as well as in landscape mode, and suggests an application that users open the previous time they check into iPad tablets with their Apple ID. Besides that, all of the recently opened iOS 11 apps would appear to the right of the dock. Below are some tricks to try with iPad dock in iOS 11.

Multitasking with iPad Dock

To use the dock feature and make the most out of it, users need to turn on multitasking in the iPad tablets. Navigate to Settings > General > Multitasking and you could choose one of the below three options from multitasking.

  • Allow Multiple Apps: For using Split View or Slide Over
  • Persistent Video Overlay: For using Picture in picture mode
  • Gestures: To use the multitasking gestures, see the app switcher UI, and return to the home screen and do more things in iPad

Interfacing with iPad Dock

To disable the recently viewed apps in iOS 11 navigate to General > Multitasking and disable Show Recent. After that, only the favorite apps that you placed in the dock would show in the home screen of iPad.

To add a favorite widget into the dock, tap and grab a hold of the app widget in the home screen and drag the same into the dock. Likewise, you could drag the app widget out of the dock by tapping, holding, and moving the widget out of the home screen of iPad.

Users could flick up from the bottom screen to make the dock visible in iPad tablets or double press on Home button to reveal the App Switcher feature in iOS 11. If the dock gets in the way of using an app in the App Switcher, swiping down the dock would hide the feature temporarily to home screen.

The App Switcher is an access point for all the recently used applications in iOS 11, and whenever users force-quit an app, they end up in the App Switcher the next time.