WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps out there and millions of iPad and Android tablet users use it. If you are a person, who loves to stay connected with his/her friends and other family members, and share texts, images, and videos with them, then you might have probably installed this messaging app on your Android tablet.

The app designers of WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature that enables users to delete the messages that they send to other users. This feature is currently available to all WhatsApp users who have updated their app to the latest available version. So, if you are not able to see or make use of this feature, then updating the app to the latest version will help you to resolve the issue.

The latest “Delete for Everyone” feature of WhatsApp allows users to recall sent messages on individual WhatsApp chats as well as on group chats. The developers of this messaging app have also confirmed that the new feature is available across all platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

Let us assume that you unknowingly sent a message to a wrong person or wrong WhatsApp group. If so, you can make use of the “Delete for Everyone” feature to delete the message from the WhatsApp conversation. Officials from WhatsApp confirmed that the messages that have been successfully deleted by users with the help of the “Delete for Everyone” feature would be replaced with “This message was deleted” in the recipients’ chats.

Likewise, if you see a “This message was deleted” message in a WhatsApp chat, then it means that the sender has deleted that message for everyone. Below is how to use the “Delete for Everyone” feature of WhatsApp on an Android tablet.

  • Unlock your Android tablet and open the WhatsApp messenger on the device.
  • Now, select the message or messages you wish to delete from a WhatsApp conversation.
  • You will now need to tap on the delete icon on the screen of your Android tablet.
  • A dialogue box with Delete for Everyone option will now appear on your screen.
  • If you still wish to delete the message from the chat, hit on the option. This will replace the message with “You deleted this message”.

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