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Before purchasing a cheap android tablet, you must know all about its security and its safe use so that you don’t end up getting into any problem or another example of identity theft! You must be thinking that why do we need to worry about all of these complications while buying a cheap android tablet because the companies and manufacturers have promised that their devices are secure than the topmost jails in the United States.

Well if you think so casually of your device security, then we recommend you to read the article below so that you can save yourself from any mishap and any complications in your future with your device. Actually, we were getting a lot of complaints from our readers, and they told us about how their devices were getting hacked day by day, so we thought of discussing this matter at length.

Why are the android devices said to be not secured enough?

Well, this is a question that has been asked by our readers a million times. The actual reason behind this reason is that the android devices today are still not providing special security features which can help you save yourself from the online hackers. The android manufacturers are working very hard on the device security, and you can’t blame them for any mishap because the biggest reason that the manufacturers also need to focus on is that the applications and websites related to Google are not secure and strong. Almost 90% of cases in android smartphone hacking are related to Google play store.

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You must have also noticed this on your device that the play store keeps on reminding you and recommending you of new applications. This happens on your already downloaded applications through the medium of pop-up ads. So, you must be very careful when you see an application posting ads to your screen. We recommend that you uninstall it as it is not safe for your android device.

The best applications that can save android devices from getting hacked!

We have discussed the core of the problem above, and now it is time that we provide a solid solution to this problem until the manufacturers come up with a foolproof solution of blocking these applications from Google play! We have gathered information about the best applications and have made a shortlist for you. You can find these applications of the play store, some of them are free of cost, and some of them have their paid version, so it’s up to you which application suits you best!

  1. The first security application for your cheap android tablet is the Hotspot Shield Premium version.
  2. The Extra VPN is the second application and a free one for your cheap android tablet and other smart devices.
  3. KYMS is one of the best applications that makes sure that your media is safe on your android device.
  4. You can also download the Secure Zone application for your cheap android tablet.

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