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You can get a lot of work done even if you buy a cheap android tablet pc. If the specs are the issue, don’t worry, you can boost its performance if you buy some useful accessories. With that said, following we will name the most useful accessories you can buy for a tablet.

A Micro-SD Card

You will need to buy a cheap android tablet pc that supports MicroSD Card. It helps you to expand your device’s internal storage. High-end tablets do feature 512 GB and 1TB storage, but they will cost you around $800-$1000. Most people can’t afford to spend this kind of money on a tablet PC.

They resort to cheaper options; most of them have 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacity. These capacities prove to be insufficient in most cases, and hence, the user prefers to buy a microSD card.

cheap android tablet pc


If you bought a tablet, you must protect it. A cover or a sleeve will do it. You will need to encase your tablet in a cover. If you are using a sleeve, then you should put your tablet in it when not in use. Covers and sleeves don’t cost much, but they can help you protect your tablet device for long.

If your device is wrapped in a cover or a sleeve, it will be safe even if you accidentally drop the thing.

HDMI Cable

Tablets have excellent screens, but sometimes you may need to view the content on a bigger screen. Invest in an HDMI Cable. There are several options you can choose from. Just mind the port on your tablet, or at least make sure it supports a HDMI port. Most tablets have a mini HDMI port; you can find a cable with female Mini HDMI port and Male full-size HDMI port.

Even if you want to buy a premium HDMI cable, it will only cost you a few bucks.


Recent tablets come with a USB-C hub, but some cheap android tablet PC doesn’t support this port. Today, it has become imperative that you support this port. If this is the story with you, get your hands on a USB-C hub. It will cost you $10-$20, but now you can connect your device to a USB C port and reap its benefits.

Wireless Keyboard

Most tablets support wireless keyboard. If you are a student and you bought a cheap android tablet pc, then you will need a keyboard to go with it. The keyboard will let you have an easy typing experience, and you can easily take down notes.

Tablets are no match for laptops, but if you pair it with a keyboard, you can do as many tasks as you would do with a laptop. It’s very simple. In fact, if you want to boost the productivity of your tablet, getting a wireless keyboard with it will help you do it without any issue.

You cannot use the tablet screen for typing; it will give up real soon, and render your device useless.

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